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Transylvanian Journal of Psychology publishes research in all areas of scientific psychology.
It covers fundamental, translational, and applied research relating (1) traditional topics such as sensation/perception, cognition, memory, language, learning, motivation/emotion etc., (2) traditional fields (e.g., developmental, social, and cognitive psychology, psychological assessment and comparative psychology), (3) traditional specialties (e.g., clinical, educational, and work psychology) as well as (4) more diverse topics such as mathematical, statistical, and methodological psychology, and (5) other theoretical, methodological, and/or practical analyses/investigations. The journal will feature special issues that involve a series of integrated articles that contribute to the understanding and/or development of new theoretical insights and/or practical applications. The journal additionally publishes invited articles by professionals who lead their field on a topic that provokes discussion and/or to critically summarize the current state of the art and delineate new frontiers and developments; these articles may include a short peer commentary. Book review essays also may appear.